29 November 2010

The Matinée Holiday Soirée!

Celebrating the forthcoming holiday season, the final Matinée release of the year is a very special Christmas single called "The Matinée Holiday Soirée", and it is now available on Itunes, and for pre-order at Matinée.

The tracklisting is:
1. Math and Physics Club - It Must Be Christmas
2. Northern Portrait - Leave The Trees Alone
3. Strawberry Whiplash – Santa Needs A Holiday
4. Champagne Riot – Xmas Safari
5. Bubblegum Lemonade – White Noise Christmas.

And we're, again, delighted to be included on an EP with some of our personal Matinée favorites. A new favorite among these, is our very own bassplayer Caspar's other band, Champagne Riot - be sure to check out their holiday-hit "Xmas Safari" too, at the Matinée sounds page.

1 comment:

Kato said...

hello! im a big fan of northern portrait in japan.
your band is absolutely fantastic.
i listen to your CD every on my way to the school.

is there plan to perform live in japan?
im so wondering.
tokyo is very exciting city, so you will enjoy.
if there is plan to come to japan, please tell me.
i will go there if anything happen.

i qant to send you message but dont
know where to send.
so i write it on here.

sorry about my poor english.
take care.

rio. from japan, tokyo.