22 January 2013

Today is the release day of 'Pretty Decent Swimmers'! Yay!

Available from your favourite music dealer or here:

Happy Nice Day folks!

10 December 2012

Big Pink Cake All-Dayer

A big thanks to Thomas from the band Peru, to everyone who came, and a happy christmas to you all!

4 December 2012

Happy Nice Day!

We proudly present the first tune from our upcoming EP 'Pretty Decent Swimmers' set for January 8th release. We wish you all a Happy Nice Day!

Big Pink Cake Christmas All-Dayer

Hello everyone! On Saturday the 8th of December Stefan (the singing vocalist) will play more than snooker when he makes an appearance at the Big Pink Cake Christmas All-Dayer presenting a set of brand new Northern Portrait songs from the upcoming 'Pretty Decent Swimmers' EP.

29 November 2011

Roman Holiday

As you might have noticed we had to leave Caspar back in freezing cold Denmark, due to important work stuff. But here's Jesper, Michael and Stefan doing an acoustic version of Criminal Art Lovers:

Stefan and Michael playing an old favorite, The Beatles - She Loves You: