3 December 2009

The first review!

As previously Twitter'ed, we've recieved the first and very favourable review for Criminal Art Lovers: Here it is.

28 November 2009

Caspar's mixtape for Warmer Climes

Our dear bass player Caspar has made a superb mixtape for the Warmer Climes project. The rest of the band still hasn't been able to figure out what the project is all about, but you can read more about it here.

4 October 2009

Hamburg w. The TVP's

We just came back from two great gigs in Berlin and Hamburg, supporting the Television Personalities. We felt very priviledged, supporting Mr. Dan Treacy and his marvellous band. Thanks to Andreas for making it happen. Here's a few pictures from gig at Prinzenbar in Hamburg friday, where Stefan also joined the TVP's on stage, for a impromptu rendition of Like 1000 Violins.



Stefan with the TVP's:



More pictures on Flickr!

Live Footage from Berlin

8 September 2009

The Candy Twins

Can you believe this? Our dear friends The Candy Twins apparently made us a tribute song, played it live in Leipzig and put it on their Myspace page, it's called "The Next Big Thing". We are so very honoured, and Stefan almost died from embarrasement.

3 August 2009

Lille VEGA + The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

VEGA 020

VEGA 024

More photos on Flickr. This was our first show in our own hometown Copenhagen. Lots of family and friends attending, and we had a great time even though the venue was extremely hot. Thanks to everyone in the audience and thanks to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, for letting us play with them. Remember to also check out the interview with Stefan at IndieMp3.co.uk.

30 July 2009

Live Footage from Indietracks

Two very different videos from our concert at Indietracks last weekend. Thanks for filming us, whoever you are..

28 July 2009

Indietracks 2009

This must have been the largest crowd for us so far. We where all a bit nervous before going on stage, but we had a great time once we got up there. All in all, we had a marvellous time at the Indietracks festival. We stayed all weekend in our brand new tent, and saw some great bands, had a few beers - and some of us even did some dancing. Thanks to the whole Indietracks team for putting together such a great festival, and a special thanks to Emma from The Pocketbooks for this picture.

2 June 2009

Santa Barbara




.. T last show on our West Coast tour, for this time. We've met so many lovely people along our way, and we've had such a lovely time in California. We hope to be back soon!

Next stop will be Indietracks and a few warm up shows (TBA!), in late July.

30 May 2009





Yes, last night we played in a scrapyard, in the middle of a strawberry field. It was a great night though. We played a decent gig, and did some dancing afterwards. Thanks to everyone who came. There are more photos on Flickr!

Los Angeles




Los Angeles was lovely. We played at The Knitting Factory, which was right on Hollywood Blvd. So after doing soundchecks, we whent for a quick stroll down the walk of fame - where we discovered that Michael (drums) had exactly the same size hands + feet as Mr. Frank Sinatra! You can see some more photos from this great night on Flickr! And thanks to everyone who showed up.

27 May 2009

Live Footage from Sacramento





Last night we played in Sacramento at the Old Ironsides, the oldest bar in Sacramento. And what a cool venue. The bar was great, and the crowd was dancing - can you really ask for more?

New photos on Flickr!

24 May 2009

San Francisco




We've been enjoying San Francisco for a few days now (and trying to adjust to new time zone as well). The concert yesterday was simply fantastic, the crowd was amazing and we got alot of good responses afterwards. Thank you so much to everyone who came and saw us.

We took a (very chilly) bus tour around town today - then we hopped off at Little Italy and had a delicious dinner, and a few glasses of red wine. More photos at Flickr.

22 May 2009

Live at Gramaphone

Sorry about the delay on posting this. We have just arrived in San Fransisco late last night.

29 April 2009

Live footage

Thanks to our Swedish friends, we now have this great live footage from our concert in Hamburg, on the boat Hedi. The sound is a bit distorted - we reccomend you turn the volume down before viewing.

New pictures from Hamburg

We've put up some new, and very exclusive pictures from our debut concert in Hamburg on Flickr, for your viewing pleasure.

Copenhagen - Hamburg