22 February 2010

Northern Riot

Stefan has contributed vocals, alongside Ulrika from Compute and Liechtenstein, on the latest pophit by NP's very own bassplayer Caspars duo, Champagne Riot - and it is entitled something as beautiful as Ingrid Bergman. It has just been made available for streaming on their very colourful myspace page, hope you'll enjoy it!

Microsonidos 2010

18 February 2010

The Candy Twins, part 2

As mentioned in a friendly comment on this blog, The Candy Twins have now done an official studio recording of the excellent song "The Next Big Thing". We're absolutely delighted to be mentioned in a song so terribly catchy.

14 February 2010

Live @ Buffalo Bar

As you can probably see by this video, theres been a few changes; We're now fourpiece which means that Stefan is doing alot more guitar-playing than before, and Michael's got a haircut.
A big thanks to Baby Honey for having us, and an even bigger one to everyone who showed up and danced.