29 November 2011

Roman Holiday

As you might have noticed we had to leave Caspar back in freezing cold Denmark, due to important work stuff. But here's Jesper, Michael and Stefan doing an acoustic version of Criminal Art Lovers:

Stefan and Michael playing an old favorite, The Beatles - She Loves You:

3 August 2011

The fine art of improvisation

Stefan did a little surprise show in the (very hot) merch tent at this years (fantastic) Indietracks Festival. There's a mighty fine review of it right here. Many thanks to the few of you who where able to catch the show, and a special thanks to everyone that sang along to this one:

21 May 2011

Swedish TV debut

It has recently come to our attention, that "When Goodness Falls" has made it on to a Swedish TV-programme.

Unfortunately this video is only available in Sweden, but here it is: http://svtplay.se/t/104061/mastarnas_mastare

20 January 2011

The 2010 Matinée album of the year!

+ top Matinée single of all time (again!). What can we say.. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

17 January 2011

T-shirts available on Etsy.com

Someone, yet unknown to us, has made some lovely Northern Portrait t-shirts that are currently available from Etsy.com. We think they're fabulous, and have our full support!